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Back Massage


A Massage: The Key to Relaxation


Enjoy a deep, blissful relaxation experience when you book a massage treatment at Seoul Spa and Sauna. We offer a variety of massage therapy treatments designed to target different needs while promoting overall wellness. 


Swedish Massage


Our traditional Swedish massage targets full-body wellness, releasing any muscle tension that has accumulated. A massage therapist trained to understand the complexities of the human musculature will perform a full body massage that targets all of the aches and pains throughout your body. This relaxation massage is gentler than some other massage techniques. 


Deep Tissue Massage


If you are an athlete or someone who struggles with chronic pain, a deep tissue massage may be a better option for you. A deep tissue massage utilizes more intense pressure to target sore and strained muscles, ultimately increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. While this massage may be a more intense experience, it provides phenomenal results. We also offer a back pain massage to target specific muscle tension relief goals. 


Massage Therapy for Every Need


Seoul Spa and Sauna also provides unparalleled couples massage sessions for a relaxing, romantic experience. Mothers-to-be may be interested in our prenatal massage therapy, which provides essential relaxation and pain relief from swollen joints. We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to pain management and general relaxation, and our professional massage therapist will gladly work with you to find the most effective treatment for your needs. 


If you’re ready to unwind, contact us today at Seoul Spa and Sauna to schedule a rejuvenating massage.

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