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Exfoliation Treatment


An Exclusive Korean Body Scrub Treatment

Here at Seoul Spa and Sauna, we are the only spa and sauna in the entire state that offers a Korean body scrub service. This service utilizes special exfoliating gloves that remove dirt and dead skin. Many wellness gurus have found Korean body scrub treatments more effective than typical scrub or soak treatments. The body scrub is often paired with a trip to steam or dry saunas. Our expert, licensed staff will astonish you with the amount of dead skin they are able to remove with the body scrub, and it will leave you feeling completely refreshed. 

The Korean method of scrubbing also increases blood flow and circulation, which creates overall healthier skin in the process. As the only spa in Connecticut that provides this service, we are dedicated to making your experience worth every penny. 

Conclude your scrub with one of our amazing massages. Seoul Spa and Sauna offers many specialized massage therapy treatments, including full body and deep tissue massage services. Our back pain massage and relaxation massage treatments will release any pain and tension you have been holding in your body, and you can walk out the door feeling rejuvenated at last. 

To learn more or make an appointment, please contact Seoul Spa and Sauna at (860) 904-5810 today.

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