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Skin Care


Massage Therapy For Many Conditions 


While massages are enjoyable simply because they are relaxing, massage therapy offers many essential health benefits. Reflexology aids recovery with a wide range of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, chronic pain, depression, and many more. Releasing stress from your body also aids in general wellness, preventing you from burnout and illness. At Seoul Spa and Sauna, we specialize in foot massage treatments and reflexology that will relieve pain and rejuvenate you overall. 


A Relaxing Foot Massage 


It’s no surprise that people often experience pain and tension in their feet, considering just how much work our feet do for us by carrying us through the day. If you’re struggling with sore and tired feet, then a foot massage from an expert massage therapist may be exactly what you need to feel refreshed again. Our foot massage therapy utilizes reflexology to improve circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension, and overall ease any pain. 


What is Reflexology? 


Reflexology is a massage therapy that targets specific pressure points on the body. By applying varying amounts of pressure to these particular points, a massage therapist creates a rejuvenating treatment that improves overall wellness and relieves stress and pain. 

To schedule a foot massage or any other spa treatments, please contact Seoul Spa and Sauna in West Hartford, CT, today!

Foot Massage: About The Spa
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