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Hot Stones Massage


Unwind with a Quality Hot Stone Massage 


Our hot stone massage is one of the most popular types of massage therapy available at our spa. It is an effective massage therapy treatment for relieving muscle tension as well as stress, leaving you feeling overall more relaxed, refreshed, and comfortable. 


How does this massage therapy work?


Hot stone massage therapy utilizes smooth, sanitized stones that are heated with a steamer to temperatures between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (or 55-60°C). Your massage therapist will apply these stones and additional pressure to strategic points on your body, such as along your back or other specific muscle areas. The combination of the pressure and rejuvenating heat releases muscle tension and aches, promotes relaxation and better sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety. 


We can combine a hot stone massage with other types of massage, such as relaxing Swedish massage treatments. Seoul Spa and Sauna offers many different massage therapy options, including full body and oil massage treatments.  

Our services are performed by a trained and licensed massage therapist to ensure that you receive the ultimate relaxation experience. After getting one of our professional massages, many clients have claimed to experience a great sense of physical peace. If you’re ready to experience this incredible relaxation for yourself, contact us today at Seoul Spa and Sauna in West Hartford, CT!

Hot Stone Massage: About The Spa
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